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Do I need to be a registered user?

Only people or agencies needs to register with homesbyvillagers.com.  If you are a potential buyer or renter you do not need to register

What is the cost?

The cost depends on what type of listing and how long you want to list.  We have multiple packages  but it is not anywhere as expensive as other sites!


For sale packages start at $15.99 and rental packages start at $59.99.  We also offer special pricing for multiple listings and agents.


At homesbyvillagers.com we are focused on providing our customers more value for less cost.

I've decided to list, what do I do?

We have tried to make the whole process simple.  When you list at homesbyvillagers.com we have created a system that gives you 100% of the power to add, modify, and end your listing.

The steps are as simple as this…

  • Contact us to register.  Send us a note using our contact page with your name and contact information.  Tell us you are looking to list a home for rent or for sale.   (you can click here)
  • Pick a listing package that fits your needs
  • Click the Add New Property and follow the steps
  • Click publish

Why can't you register without contacting us?

To protect users of this site we create all user information, at least the initial setup, to protect from spam accounts.


Although we cannot control all horrible people we do our best.  By doing this we don’t worry about bots creating accounts.

Can I share my listing to Facebook and other networks?

Yes.  Once your listing has been published you can click the share button in the top right corner and you can not only share to Facebook but also many other social networks.

How often can I update my listing?

As often as you want.  Once logged in you can select the My Properties option located under your profile.  You property(s) will appear with an action button allowing you to Edit.  There is no additional fee to edit as often as you want!

Will people see my personal information?

No.  You profile information is kept private.  On each listing the visitors will only see what you choose when creating your listing.

How do I pay for the listing?

We use a 3rd party called Stripe to manage all credit card transactions.  No information is kept by us.  If you are uncomfortable using a credit card, no problem.  Send us an email at contact@lovingthevillages.com and we can walk you through how to set this up and we can bill you allowing you to pay by check.