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Compare Listings

There are plenty of options to list your property wether it is for sale or rent.  We want to share with you some of your options and let you make the best decision for yourself.  As a disclaimer we need to make sure you know that rates and services provided by the sites many vary and you should always do your homework.  We are providing this information as a foundation and as a resource.

We offer a flat rate and do not charge any commissions.


Before we provide information about our competition here are some brief highlights of our site

  • This site was created and is maintained by a fellow Villager.  Since I have been here I have seen many sites offering a listing solution but I wanted to offer more at a much lower cost.  Competition is good.  I’f also like to take this moment to make sure that it is clear that we are not affiliated with The Villages, it’s developers or any Agency; we are truly independent.


  • Besides a much lower cost, I never understood why some sites only list homes for sale or homes for rent.  When we first moved here we weren’t what path we wanted to take and therefore had to jump from one site to the next.  We wanted to have all options in one place.


  • Moving past the cost was the ascetics and functionality.  Technology changes and we wanted to stay in front of it.  Our site has special features that others might not such as appointment booking options and availability calendars that listers can manage.  And then we have one of the best options – you can do it every thing on your own and not be waiting for us.


Homes for Sale:

  • If you are listing via a broker your cost is probably included in the commission cost so we will not focus on this.
  • Zillow or Trulia – These services, owned by the same parent company, do not charge to list.  They make their money on the ads placed that your users will have to navigate through.


Home for Rent:

Below are some of the competitor sites and their rates – we have even provided you a link so you can look for yourself.  We want to warn you about the risk of choosing a service that is not a flat rate.  Please keep this in mind as you budget your income stream!

  • VBRO – we have read $349 and $499 per listing.  There is also a % fee based on the listing value.
  • VillagersHomes4Rent – cost (as of 11/11/18) – $124 per year
  • Homeaway (from the VBRO family) – This is a % based on the listing value with a not to exceed price.
  • Booking.com – Based on a % of how much you make from your booking